Who can ride?

We welcome riders of all levels and abilities.

All riders will be given basic, necessary instruction. All riders MUST be able to demonstrate a basic understanding and ability to follow RGF Trail Guides' instructions. All riders MUST be able to mount and dismount from a mounting block with little to no assistance.

Any guests unable or unwilling to follow RGF Trail Guides' instructions may be asked to leave the barn area with no refund.

Any guests who mistreat or disrespect the RGF Horses may be asked to leave the barn area with no refund.

Where do the trails go?

The historic property of Red Gate Farms spans 160 acres of wooded farmland. We ride through the woods, past ponds and campsites, next to stunning event venues and under 300 year old live oak trees draped in Spanish Moss. We often see a variety of wildlife. The ride is a relaxing way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city of Savannah.

Age Limit?

Trail Rides: 11 years and older.

Exceptions? Yes - for families/groups with 1-2 riders ages 7-11, our Trail Guides will attach a lead-line to the young rider's horse and "pony" the rider on trail. Mention this at the time of reservation.

Horseback Riding lessons/ Horse Camp: Ages 7 & up.

Pony Rides: 4 - 10 years of age.

Carriage Tours: No age limit.

Is "double riding" or two people on one horse allowed?


Weight Limit?

Horseback riding: 230 lbs.

Carriage Tours: No weight limit.

What do I wear?

Required: Long pants, closed-toed shoes.

Suggested: Conservative tops are encouraged.

Are helmets mandatory?

Yes. We provide helmets for all riders.

Can we trot, canter, jog, lope, gallop, or "run"?


Can we bring cell phones and/or cameras?

Yes, however we ask that riders do not take phone calls, FaceTimes, Skypes or any other communication distracting to the horses and other riders. All riders MUST keep one hand on the reins at all times.

Our Trail Guides are happy to take photos for guests at any time in the ride - just ask!

Is there a place to put bags or personal belongings?

Red Gate Farms assumes no responsibility for personal belongings. Small bags may be able to be taken on trail, as long as they do not interfere with rider's balance and ability. We recommend locking all other belongings in a vehicle or leaving at home.

Do I have to have a reservation?

All services are by reservation only which can be made on our booking page or over the phone.

The Red Gate Farms Campground or Sales Office does NOT make reservations for the Trail Barn.

Payment is required for a confirmed reservation.

How early should I arrive?

20 minutes prior to the designated ride time. If you arrive earlier please wait patiently for a RGF Trail Guide to assist you. The Trail Barn operates on a structured daily schedule.

Where do I go?

Please see the "Home" page for our address.

Once you turn off Chatham Parkway onto Red Gate Farms Trail, keep RIGHT at the fork.

Follow the white rock driveway past the RV Campground, going through a white gate.

Turn LEFT into the horse-shoe shaped driveway in front of the RV OFFICE and across from The Clubhouse.

Park along the fence line facing the horse paddocks, to the right of the RV Office. A RGF Trail Guide will meet you at the RV Office.


Any trail rides, pony rides or carriage tours cancelled outside 48 hours prior to the ride time will be refunded. Red Gate Farms does retain a $15 cancellation fee per rider.

Any trail rides, pony rides, or carriage tours cancelled within 48 hours prior to the ride time will NOT be refunded. One reschedule is offered with a reschedule fee of $15 per rider.

Exceptions for Weather: RGF Trail Guides are often willing to ride, rain or shine. However, in the event of inclement weather, in which both parties (the guest and RGF) decide the weather/trail conditions are too poor to ride and a rescheduled date is not possible, a refund will be given to the guest, with a small cancellation fee retained to cover our payment processing costs.

No call/no shows will not be refunded.

Late arrivals will not be refunded.

Do you offer horse boarding, "trailer-ins," or off-property horses allowed?


Can we feed the horses?

Guests of the Trail Barn may be permitted to feed the horses treats after their ride with supervision of a RGF Trail Guide.

(Our horses LOVE carrots, apples and peppermints!)

Don't see the answer to your question?

Please call contact our Trail Barn Staff!